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Talking about pigs 08/12/2020

Last Saturday I was talking to a student from Singapur. He wanted to practice reading. He chose a very simple text, one adaptation from Winnie the Pooh, the classic of Disney. As you know, in this story there is a pig whose name is Piglet. When my student had to read «cerdo» he pronounced «serdo» and I was surprised.

So you have to know that in Spanish we pronounce the letter c with different sounds. We have the sound «k» (casa o camión) and the sound «θ» (ciudad o cerdo). We have the sound «s» but only in some countries and regions where people change it (some places in South America, Andalusia and Canarias. We call that «seseo».


Llámame or llámeme 29/12/2020

One of my students asked me about the difference between "llámame" and "llámeme". Both are the same. They have the same meaning, but we use the first one only in informal conversations, and the second in formal conversations (as courtesy treatment). So, if you are saying goodbye to your friend, you can tell him "Llámame cuando llegues a casa". On the contrary, if you are talking with your boss, you should say "Llámeme, por favor, cuando llegue a casa".



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